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Company mission and vision


In accordance to our aim at contribution that offers a better life to the society, we interpret our vision by utilizing our skills and work ethics, in order to reinforce the following bases:

- To be pioneered and diversified in the activities of the power field regionally, filled with energy and characterised by its competative performance and  the high quality of its products and services.

- Expanding our operations range and diversifying our activities through partnership contract agreement with well known parties in order to enhance the potentials of regional marketing for our products.

- Focusing on constant creativity and adopting developed technics which raise the level of production and increase profits.

- Developing our work by enhancing our staff scientific and technical potentials and providing various training courses, incentives and rewards for high perfomance.

- Fulfilling the society needs for our products, but at the same time keeping the general safety and a clean environment in all work facilities and showing commitment to the general work ethics and principles and working according to their basic values.

- Increasing contributors investments and executing works based on mutual agreement goals.



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