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Administrative structure




Managers Addresses





General manager

Eng. Haythm Msoker

Dispatching Manager

Eng. Tammam Barakat

Internal monitoring Manager 

Mr. Yousef AL-Asa'ad

Administrative and Legal Affairs Manager 

Miss. Maha  Omran

Finance Manager 

Mr. Khaled Assaf

Quality and Safety Manager /Vice_ General manager 

Eng. Shoaeeb Kojak

Transportation  Manager 

Eng. Yaser Mansour

Lube-Oil-Blending factory Manager 

Eng. Subhi Al Hasan

Studies and Projects Manager 

Eng. Aghiad Rahimah

Production Manager 

Eng. Mohammad AL-Ali

Engineering Maintenance Manager 

Eng. Munzer Al sapaa

Power Manager 

Eng. Hosien Mustafa

Planning and Economic Affairs Manager 

Mr. Abdul Raheem Yousif

General Computation Manager 

Mr. Sultan Sultan

Commercial Manager 

Mr. Muneer AL-Raie

Human Resources Manager 

Mr. Muhammad AL-Najjar




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