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Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear visitors of the General Company of Homs Refinery site:

We are pleased to welcome you to this website ( ,  we hope that you will find what you are looking for, Of information relating to our company at all levels,(Productivity - technically - administratively - human cadres..etc..  )

Ladies and gentlemen:

General company of Homs Refinery  is a leading company in Syria according to its role, Where it provides local market all needs, of Oil products, and supply fuel and gas for  Power plants.

Here comes the importance of, medium, and long-term, emergency plans rehabilitation, and the resumption of production.

This will be the a commendable efforts of our sons in the working class, Who have proven over the years, Since the establishment of our company, They are unknown soldiers, Who are able to promote the company, to maintain its leadership position, They have done so sweat and effort, Through the line of duty and commitment to the work sites.


We hope that this site will be a mirror reflecting the bright image of Homs Refinery, That we stay in touch for further development.

Long as you and as long as Syria's okay


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